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A collection of white papers, commentary, and presentations from Streamcrest Associates.

MPEG-4 and the Future of Mobile Video

This is a presentation for a program we organized for the SD Forum Multimodal SIG on mobile video. Part one traces mobile video deployment from Dick Tracy's wristwatch TV to the latest handsets from DoCoMo and Hutchinson. Part two is a tutorial on how video coding works and the features of MPEG-4 and AVC codecs. Part three briefly covers some of the business issues in deploying mobile video today.

Streaming Video is a Drop in the Ocean

This paper compares the Internet consumer streaming video market with traditional television media. You may be surprised at just how small the streaming audience and content budget really is.

Understanding Competitive Intelligence

This presentation is one we use with clients to help them understand what we mean by competitive intelligence, how it differs from customer intelligence, and common practices and mistakes in implementing a competitive intelligence program.

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